Form + Desire:
<Linked Projects> potential.


MX Design Conference 2007

Form + Desire: <Linked Projects> potencial.
International Design Conference.
October 29th, 30th, 31st, 2007.
Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico.


To share professional and academic expertise on Linked Projects
in order to rediscover and update the potential of desire and its character
over the form of curricula, professional strategy and design object.

It´s an open forum for all designers.


The stage for the Conference, a three day exhibition:
the Conference will be held within an environment of images of participant projects

Case studies, method for the Conference:
the proceedings will prioritarily lie in studying the presented cases.

Priority of perceptual documentation of the cases:
the unity of image and text, would better point out attributes to be perceived.

Analysis of case documentation:
the analysis will favour direct visual or audible perception,
to examine, preferabily by analogy, qualities made to measure of the case.

Results and publication :
Conference will publish all of the presented cases,
combined with the visual restructuring of typical analogies in the participant projects.

Central focus

The role of Desire on Form.:
Form: the perceptible shape of content;
Form: the simultaneity of interiority and its comunication;
(of soul and its body; also of same form and its refulgence).

Form of Curricula:
<prioritary synchrony> of wanting (desire),
in uniting pertinent academic knowledge and powers.

Form of professional strategy:
<prioritary synchrony> of can-be (desire),
while integrating the truth and goodness of each project

Form of design object:
<prioritary synchrony> of expression (desire),
with function and technology, at a given place.

Terms and concepts

Linked Projects Identity.
Linked Projects originated as an answer to dissociation between practice and theory.
Some university subjects depend on themes where each student tests
a semi professional practice, as material to fulfill the academic objectives of the course.
The link of the project take place among the university with State, business firm or community.

Sharing professional and academic expertise: scope.
Conference pretends to be a space for dialogue on typical lived experiences;
avoiding papers unlinked to direct perception.
Sharing refers to sober and documented narrative of good or bad results,
that occurred among professionals and students with State, market or third sector organizations.

Rediscovering the role of Desire.
Spontaneous convergence of desires has linked, implicitly, design practice and theory.
When this spontaneous convergence fades,
dissociation between practice and theory appears as dispersion and, seemingly, faintness;
not fatefuly as lack of individual talent. But, thus, universitary form vanishes.
It urges to rediscover the personal priority of desire in the new, unavoidable, forms.

Acknowledging the potential of <Linked Projects>.
Linked Projects dispose a space for desire that can illuminate affections;
move the energy for encouraging want as the actual foundation, not only for each Project.
but as well for all university formation and professional practice, particularily for a designer.

Updating the identity of Desire and its character.
Want, is discovering a <profound can-be, as the sole-possible>.


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