5th International Design Congress

  • 29,30 and 31
  • october 2013
  • México City

Everyday people consume a variety of goods (from basic needs to luxury items or technological innovations).

Designers developed creative concepts that are better fitted to the consumers´ desires and preferences, developing products and services with various differentiation, satisfaction or communication values that are well regarded by companies.

Nowadays there are important ethical, cultural and psychological issues around consumerism that need to be analyzed and discussed.


A variety of design disciplines are increasingly involved in understanding the complexity of consumers and companies to visualize different possibilities of action. The tremendous impacts of design and consumerism, positive and negative are very significant to all aspects of our society, as well as our planet.

It is necessary to debate the actual consumption patterns that promote certain types of consumption, based sometimes on the wasteful use of resources, labor and capital as well as other efforts on social innovation and alternative development strategies for a sustainable and healthy environment.

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Result of accepted talks

Se recibieron un total de 46 resúmenes de ponencias, los cuales fueron evaluados por académicos de tiempo del Departamento de Diseño y sin conocimiento de los datos del autor.

Bajo el criterio de pertinencia con respecto al tema de este año y la novedad del contenido propuesto, los académicos asignaron una calificación a cada resumen lo cual permitió enlistar las 34 propuestas de mayor puntaje, que serán desarrolladas para ser presentadas durante el congreso.

Memorias del Evento:
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The deadline for registration and submission is May 10th 2013.

The abstracts submitted will be evaluated by the Design Faculty in an individual and anonymous manner.

The results will be published and communicated on May 31st, and the pre-selected speakers will be asked to submit the full paper on June 21st.

A second evaluation will take place in order to select the best participant papers on July 5th.

All papers accepted will be published in the event memoire.