MX Design Conference 2009: Social Impact of Design

3rd International Design Conference

incertidumbre Taking into account the pressing global changes; such as the economic crisis, the global warming, and the growing social inequality, it is urgent to search for new visions and actions that can balance the broad social and cultural diversity, environmental issues and the course of progress that humanity is facing. For this reason, the MX Design Conference 2009 will focus on reflection and learning from that theory and practice of any area of design, which seeks to balance the social, ecological and economic development of the world to contribute to a sustainable society.

Event Reports

  1. Speakers
  2. Papers
  3. Full papers book
  4. Posters exhibition
  5. Video Interviews
  6. Photos and comments:

Guide Topics

  • Impact of design in the global economy and local levels and their impact on social equity
  • Impact of design in the environmental and economic viability of projects
  • Impact of design in the development of communities and reduce their environmental footprint
  • Impact of education in design, and its effect on social responsibility

Key concepts

Cultural Diversity, Social Activism, Professional Ethics, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Design, Ecodesign, Universal design, Slow Design, Social Design, Design for all, Accessibility.

Location: Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), Mexico City
Organizers: Design Department UIA
Previous: MX 2007, MX 2005
Dates: october 28, 29 and 30; 2009
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